Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Update - beat you too it giggli

Ok everyone,  sorry for the wait,  works been hectic.

Everyone please go smack giggli for not updating in even longer than it's been for me.  love you giggli honey but for that you deserve MUCH spanking!

I posted a new video on you tube last night,  very risque little slut maker,  it's private so you'll have to im me for permissions http://youtu.be/SfZmLmScXnM  if you'd like to watch it im me on yahoo.

I've also been writing some new trance scripts that I havent released yet (they're naughty) and am debating how long to tease before I release them.

In addition I've been working on the store in SL!  We're about half done redecortating and  have added several new trances to the sales floor.  To see the store please IM me in game or look for Hypnotropolis in The Falls.

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